Scottish Gravlax Salmon, Hand Sliced

Scottish Gravadlax Martinated Salmon - Hand sliced - by Pinnacle, Scotland. 4 oz / 113 gr or 16 oz/ 454 gr sizes available (select below).

The finest grade Atlantic salmon is selected according to the strictest criteria then cured in salt, sugar and dill according to traditional Scandinavian techniques. Keep frozen.

Ingredients: Salmon, dill, salt, sugar, black peppercorns. Mustard & dill sauce, vegetable oil, cream, mayonnaise, sugar, wine vinegar, dill, salt, black pepper.

Also known as Gravad lax (Swedish), Gravad laks (Danish), Gravlaks (Norwegian, Danish), Graavilohi (Finnish) and Graflax (Icelandic)

Collections: Smoked Salmon

Category: Scottish Salmon

Type: Salmon

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