Caviar and Truffle Serving Accessories

We have the perfect serving accessories for all you caviar and truffle lovers!

To enhance your gourmet dining experience, Only Fine Foods offers a range of serving accessories including mother-of-pearl caviar spoons and caviar plates, as well as our popular truffle slicer/shaver with a beautiful rosewood handle.

For the caviar connoisseurs:  the inherent qualities of mother of pearl make it the perfect choice when shopping for the best caviar serving accessories. The pale and delicate pearl surface offers an appealing contrast to your caviar in terms of color and texture which naturally adds to the multi-sensory experience caviar offers.

Choosing our delightful mother of pearl caviar plates and pearl spoons will mean the subtle nuances of the caviar flavor profile are in no way compromised and both the eye and the palate will be greatly impressed with their addition to the table.

The perfect caviar server: Maybe you're on the lookout for an elegant caviar server too and if so, you may well find our choice of silver caviar servers too good to resist!