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When is Caviar Kosher? In order for a caviar to be considered a Kosher Caviar the first stipulation is that it must come from a fish that has both fins and scales and since true sturgeon do not have scales, none of the well-known traditional sturgeon caviars are fit for consumption under the strict Jewish dietary guidelines demanded for kosher categorization. 

Natural and delicious Kosher Caviars: at Only Fine Foods we have a selection of 3 different Kosher Caviars for you to enjoy and all derived from the roe of non-sturgeon fish - Alaskan Ikura Salmon Caviar, Bowfin - Alma Calva and Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon Caviar.

Kosher Certificates available on request: we have the finest selection of delicious Kosher certified foods prepared in strict accordance with Jewish dietary laws, so it's time to discover amazing tastes with our delicious Kosher Caviar.

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