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Introducing Sevruga Caviar: Sevruga caviar (Acipenser Stellatus) the smallest and least costly of the premium sturgeon caviars and yet amongst caviar connoisseurs is often the preferred choice because of its somewhat stronger and more distinctive taste. Fans of Sevruga caviar love the pearlescent grey beads with a smooth buttery flavor and a salty finish.

Types of Sevruga Caviar: in the Only Fine Foods gourmet food store we offer caviar lovers a choice of 2 delicious Sevruga caviars, both from the well-managed sustainable US Sturgeon Aquafarm: Sevruga Caviar and Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar 

Did you know? Sevruga sturgeon produce eggs earlier than other sturgeon species, from as early as aged 7, and at their reproductive peak their eggs represent up to 12 % of their body weight.

Serving Ideaswith its distinctive stronger caviar taste,  Sevruga caviar is the ideal caviar to use in party canapes or simply serve on top of creamy scrambled eggs and you will not be disappointed!

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