Which caviar is kosher?

For gourmet food lovers who like to try caviar but adhere to strict kosher dietary guidelines, Only Fine Foods has a few excellent kosher caviar options for you to explore.

Under Jewish religious laws any fish products are only considered kosher if they come from a fish with both fins and scales. In the case of the traditional true sturgeons, such as the Sevruga, Osetra or Kaluga sturgeon, this is not the case, as all true sturgeon do not have scales on their body.

However, in recent years due to the high demand for top quality kosher gourmet products, other fish are now harvested for their roe, thus giving kosher consumers excellent options when sourcing kosher caviar. We currently have in stock the delightful Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar, as well as the Bowfin - Alma Calva Kosher Caviar and the Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon Kosher Caviar - all of our kosher caviars come with a kosher certificate on request.

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