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Russian Caviar for sale: the gold standard for caviar connoisseurs

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Why is Russian Caviar so revered? Many years ago when wild sturgeon populations flourished in the plentiful waters of the Caspian Sea, these distinguished Russian Sturgeon species were considered the pinnacle of gastronomic pleasure and affording to buy Russian Caviar (also known as Caspian Caviar) was a privilege only enjoyed by the wealthy aristocrats.

Russian Osetra Caviar   Golden Osetra Caviar       Sevruga Caviar    Kaluga Caviar      Karat CaviarClassic Grey Sevruga Caviar

Farmed Russian Caviar: due to relentless fishing and illegal poaching of Caspian sturgeon many key Russian sturgeon species became threatened with extinction and the establishment of aquaculture farms became an absolute necessity if gastronomic food-lovers round the world were going to continue to enjoy the pleasures of dining on Russian Caviar.

Russian Sturgeon - a long way from home: Nowadays 90% of Russian Caviar bought is from well-managed aquafarms and the caviar from these favorite sturgeon species such as Osetra, Sevruga, Sterlet and Kaluga are still considered Russian Caviar because the sturgeon fingerlings are in fact brought from the fertile waters of the Caspian Sea, the natural home for many of these true sturgeon species.

Malossol Caviar - an age-old Russian recipe: another fact which identifies a caviar as a true Russian Caviar is a production method known as 'malossol' which simply means that the high-grade sturgeon roe is cured briefly in brine hence you will see some caviars referred to as malossol caviar in traditional Russian style.

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