The Art of Caviar Serving

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'The Art of Caviar Serving' from the caviar experts at Only Fine Foods

We pride ourselves supplying our customers with the finest caviar from around the world and we'd like to share with you our tips for an exceptional caviar dining experience!

Whether serving from a simple plate with a Pearl Caviar Spoon or a more elaborate Caviar Serving Set – these tips will help you get the most flavor and enjoyment when eating caviar.

 Caviar Serving Basic Guidelines:

  • Always keep your caviar in its original tin or jar in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve. Under no circumstances open the tin or jar – not even for a peek!
  • Take your caviar out of the refrigerator up to an hour before you intend to serve it.
  • Do not open the caviar tin/jar until the last minute. Caviar’s worse enemies are air and heat and either will cause your caviar to lose its yummy taste and texture very quickly.
  • Use a mother of pearl caviar spoon or bone, gold plated or even plastic but never, ever use stainless steel or silver when eating caviar. Using steel or silver will cause the caviar to oxidize and change its flavor. Whilst mother-of-pearl caviar spoons are pH neutral and have no chance of changing the flavor.
  • If you have a caviar serving set, add crushed ice to the outer bowl to ensure it remains chilled and then add the caviar into the inner bowl just before serving. Caviar dishes range from simple pearl caviar plates to high end silver or glass caviar servers.
  • If you are not using a dedicated caviar serving dish then simply serve directly onto individual plates or as an indulgent garnish on your favorite dinner.
  • All the caviar should ideally be consumed within an hour. Any caviar remaining after that time should be discarded. It is always better to order two jars or tins of the amount of caviar you need rather than a single large one. This allows one to remain unopened for another day in case the first one is not all used. 

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Caviar Serving

How much Caviar do I need?
  • Allow 1-2 oz per person (25 to 50 grams).

Caviar accompaniments

While many traditionalists will insist on serving caviar straight – many prefer a traditional accompaniment.

  • Fresh Blinis with crème fraiche are a classic combination topped with a small amount of caviar.
  • Traditional caviar accompaniments such as boiled egg or salmon are equally delicious.
  • In terms of the right beverage a high quality chilled Vodka or a well chilled Champagne will be the perfect pairing. Learn more about the great combination of Caviar and Champagne here.

Caviar recipes:

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