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What is Sturgeon caviar?: Buy Sturgeon Caviar
Traditionally sturgeon caviar is the term used for the salted fish eggs from any species of sturgeon fish including Beluga, Sevruga, Osetra, Kaluga, Sterlet to name some of the most popular ones. Nowadays there are many other fish roes on the market such as Alaskan Salmon and Whitefish, as well as Hackleback and Paddlefish caviars which are not always considered to be 'true' caviars by the connoisseurs out there.

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Did you know?: there are officially 27 fish species in the sturgeon family and most of these are now classed as in danger of extinction - the largest sturgeon on record was recorded in 1827 weighing in at nearly 3500lbs and measuring an incredible 24ft!

Serving ideasenjoying your chosen Sturgeon Caviar is a simple business - on its own straight of the tin is totally acceptable so long as you don't use a silver spoon! And why not treat yourself to an accompanying chilled glass of bubbles or a crisp ice-cold vodka?

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