Fresh Summer Truffles (Tuber Aestivum Vitt)

The Alba White Truffle is not the only sought-after fresh truffle variety to be found in the hills and woodlands of Italy and we are happy to announce that the very popular Italian Summer Truffle is now in stock.

These delicious Black Summer Truffles, commonly known as Scorzone, grow naturally, and of course secretly, below the earth's surface usually in areas of open woodlands where the ground vegetation seems sparse and these tell-tale bare patches act as positive indicators to the experienced truffle hunters. The outer part of the truffle is recognisable with its pyramid-shaped bumps and when cut open the Summer Truffle is veined and marbled like the Black Winter Truffle but more hues of hazel and yellow.

Italian Summer Truffles have a more subtle aroma than the winter variety and can be used both freshly shaved as a finishing touch on a dish or in cooking to infuse fragrant depth of flavor to sauces. Fats used in cooking help to trap the distinctive truffle aroma and deliver it to your palate with the desired effect, but over-cooking of the truffles can ruin the taste completely!

Black Summer Truffles pair very well with rich foods such as meat, eggs or cheese - or try them with lobster, caviar or even foie gras? You can order Summer Truffles in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz or 16oz quantities and once wrapped in paper towel and refrigerated at around 37.5F should last 1-2 weeks. We expect our Summer Truffles season to extend from now through to September 2023 - we suggest you allow 1oz per portion.

We'd like to share a very simple traditional recipe for Summer Truffle Sauce: just add a little grated Summer Truffle and freshly grated garlic to warmed olive oil and finish off with a pinch of salt and pepper - and that's it.... a delicious and healthy sauce to brush on toast or to stir through pasta!  

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