Truffle Butter: affordable and versatile for truffle-loving home cooks

Truffle Butter is a fabulous and easy way to get acquainted with the exotic world of truffles whether you opt for white truffle butter or a black truffle variety. If obtaining fresh truffles is outside your budget, using truffle butter is great way of enjoying the rich, earthy truffle flavor in a way more affordable and accessible for the home cook. The potent fragrance of truffles permeates the butter, which will in turn permeate whatever dish it is used for.

Truffle butter can be used instead of butter in almost any savory dish, and is particularly tasty when melted into eggs, polenta, pasta, and risotto. Alternatively, you can simply melt  a spoonful of truffle butter on freshly seared meat just before  serving or roast a chicken with the truffle butter spread under  the skin.
In case you’d like some more inspiration for making the most of your truffle butter, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular dishes which are very much enhanced by the addition of truffle butter.

Seafood and Fish with Truffle Butter

Try enjoying white truffle butter as a dip for freshly cooked crab legs and
experience what one enthusiastic food lover described as a ‘tango on your tongue’? You can pair just about any seafood with truffle butter, whether it’s scallops, prawns, lobster or even sea urchin!
Maybe oysters are more your passion? Pop some truffle butter on the freshly opened and loosened oysters before grilling for a minute or two with the top shells in place and then ‘shoot them back for an amazing’ seafood experience. 
Whatever white fish you prefer, most will be complemented well with the addition of truffle butter; keep it simple and just add a small amount of truffle butter just before serving or top with melted truffle butter. 

     Meat and Poultry with Truffle Butter

     Why not try this delicious recipe for Roast Chicken with Truffle  Butter to really
     savor the succulence of your roast chicken  with the aromatic and earthy tones of truffle?
     For a luxury midday break, truffle butter is the perfect companion to rare-cooked beef fillet and so simple to prepare if you follow this recipe for Truffled Fillet of Beef Baguette.

      Vegetarian and Side Dishes with Truffle Butter

      Mashed potato with truffle butter is a big favourite with truffle-loving foodies and
      so easy to make. Or maybe next time you’re making hollandaise sauce, you could try using truffle butter for an original twist 
      Eggs are big hit when it comes to cooking with truffles and if you love scrambled eggs, you’ll love them even more with a dab of truffle butter melted on top just before serving!
      Truffle butter is great as a last minute ‘stir-in’ ingredient for pasta, noodles and risotto so best to just experiment and see what works for your taste buds..

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