Kaluga Fusion Caviars

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Introducing Kaluga Fusion Caviars: Kaluga Fusion caviars are harvested from a hybrid sturgeon which is a cross breed of two sturgeon species native to the Amur River in Asia - the Kaluga sturgeon (Huso Dauricus), also known as the River Beluga sturgeon, and the Amur sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii).

Types of Kaluga Fusion Caviars: we now offer caviar lovers 3 varieties of Kaluga Fusion Caviar: Kaluga Fusion Gold  Kaluga Fusion Amber and Kaluga Fusion Black available to buy online. The caviar from these River Amur sturgeon are a desirable alternative choice for fans of the endangered Beluga Caviar. Both types are characterized by their delicious mild and buttery taste with a slight nuttiness in the mix. The roe from these hybrid sturgeon are generally large, firm and glossy in appearance.

Wild vs farmed: like the Beluga sturgeon the wild Kaluga are an endangered species and wild fishing is prohibited so when you choose to enjoy caviar from the Kaluga Fusion sturgeon you're helping species survival of these giant freshwater fish.

Did you know? Folklore claims that the massive Kaluga sturgeon has been responsible for actually capsizing fishermen's boats and in the wild they can live to the ripe old age of 65 years.

Serving ideas: if you love Chinese-style Noodles then just cook up your favorite simple stir-fry with sesame seeds and an inviting spoonful of chilled Kaluga Fusion Caviar to top it off - delicious!

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