Plaza Caviar Trio Pack

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The Plaza Caviar Trio Pack is a must-try for those caviar connoisseurs wanting to impress and delivers excellent premium quality caviars at a very enticing price. All caviars in this collection are sustainably farmed and in this pack you can enjoy our top of the range Osetra Gold caviar along with a noble domestic offering in the Plaza Baeril and a delightful Sterlet caviar to further refine your caviar dining experience. This unique caviar package offers a feast for the eyes too with the caviars ranging from gold to gray to black in color and you will receive all the usual accoutrements needed for the perfect gourmet caviar experience. When you order the Plaza Caviar Trio Pack you will receive all of the items shown below: 

  • 1 oz Plaza Osetra Gold (farmed Russian Sturgeon caviar - Bulgarai)
  • 1 oz Plaza Sterlet (farmed Sterlet Sturgeon caviar - Bulgaria)
  • 1 oz Plaza Baerii (farmed Siberian Sturgeon - USA)
  • 1 x 7.5 oz Crème Fraîche 
  • Mother of Pearl caviar spoon 
  • 16 pcs Blini package 
  • Thermal caviar carrying bag 
  • Features eco-friendly packaging

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