Russian Osetra Caviar


Russian Osetra Caviar 

The Russian Osetra Sturgeon which is smaller than the Beluga Sturgeon, produces an exquisite caviar and is regarded in gourmet circles as one of the most flavorful of the elite caviar types currently available. These qualities makes it one of our most popular caviar choices and its unique sweet and crisp taste with subtle nutty overtones is bound to please even the most demanding palate.

The large to medium-sized grains range from golden yellow to dark brown color. Each pearl has a clear and glossy structure with an egg shell which is usually a little bit firmer than other types of caviar but still very tender and delicate.

Osetra Caviar: taste & texture

Crisp and nutty, with firm juicy beads

Osetra Caviar: appearance

Large to medium grains, golden yellow to dark brown

Osetra Caviar: grade

Grade 1 Russian Osetra Caviar

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