How much do fresh truffles cost?

The popular misconception is that fresh truffles are an outrageously expensive delicacy totally out of reach of the average American gourmet foodlover and I am here today to tell you a different story!

Of course, it does all depend on the variety of fresh truffle you want to indulge in - if you have your heart set on the 'White Diamond of Italy' the much-revered Italian Alba White Winter Truffle, then you'll be parting with substantially more cash than if you opt for the delicious and affordable Fresh Summer Truffles or Black Burgundy Truffles, both of which are currently in season. Even with as little as $50 to invest in your truffle shopping you will be happily rewarded with 1oz of either of these choices of fresh truffle - that's what I call affordable luxury!

Fundamentally the prices of fresh truffles can vary from year to year depending on the seasonally harvest, especially when you're talking about the prestigious Alba White Winter Truffle. Another determining factor is the actual size of the truffle itself, smaller ones being priced less than the rarer larger fresh truffles.