What does caviar taste like?

If you've never tried caviar before and are wondering what caviar tastes like, you've come to the right place to find out more.

Whilst taste is a very personal experience we'll try our best to convey to you what to expect the first time you eat caviar. Firstly though, i must say that it's not simply the taste of caviar that excites caviar lovers the world over because eating caviar is a truly multi-sensory gourmet experience.

When approaching caviar we are seduced by its appearance with its delicate and glossy eggs in so many different colors and hues - jet black, pearlescent grey, rich amber or vibrant orange. The first sighting of the caviar is where the visual feast begins and the taste buds are now primed for action.

In the mouth, before the true taste is released, we become aware of the sublime texture of the glistening pearls sliding around the palate, feeling each individual egg before you effortlessly pop the delicious beads in your mouth to release its fresh yet subtle flavors. 

Traditionally, malossol caviar is salted prior to packaging but in no way should it taste too salty and certainly not too fishy - these are both signs of inferior quality caviar. In fact, rather than tasting distinctly fishy (which the uninitiated might assume) good caviar offers echoes of the ocean. Depending on the type of caviar consumed, the taste of caviar can be described as nutty, buttery, sweet, mild, creamy, rich, smooth, subtle, briny, aromatic, savory or intense.

We hope this has got your taste buds tingling and invite you to browse our extensive online caviar store to find the perfect caviar choice for you right now!