King of Persia Caviar Treat

This Luxury Caviar Gift Pack is the ultimate caviar indulgence for any gourmet food lover and caviar aficionado! Celebrate like a Shah with two of the best caviars on the market today - a supreme Gold Osetra Caviar and our finest Plaza Royale Caviar, both premium caviars fresh and bursting with texture and flavor. This is a one of a kind offering and should be celebrated with a perfect pairing of a crisp dry Champagne or chilled Russian Vodka.

Finest Caviar
Gold Osetra Caviar  (125g)
Plaza Royale Caviar (125g)
4 oz Smoked Salmon
2 packets of Blinis 
Crème Fraîche 7.5 oz
2 Pearl caviar spoons
1 Thermal Caviar Gift Bag

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