Golden Imperial Osetra Caviar

Golden Osetra Caviar - the royal choice

Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar is the rarest kind of Osetra Caviar and is known for it's large, glossy and bright golden color grains. Golden Imperial Osetra Caviar, with its wonderful sweet, crisp and nutty taste, is the first choice for many caviar connoisseurs and if you were to buy Golden Osetra Caviar this Christmas, it may be a dream come true for a friend who appreciates the finer things in life

Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar is indisputably one of the most sought after caviars in the world and in times gone by it was only served at the elegant tables of heads of state and royalty. Thankfully times have changed and now food-lovers all over the world can personally buy Golden Osetra caviar - so why not spoil yourself or someone special today?

Fast and careful shipping: your caviar will be carefully packed in ice and shipped by Expedited Overnight delivery to ensure it arrives with you in perfect condition ($40 Tuesday-Friday delivery or $55 for Saturday delivery)

Customer testimonial: "Fresh and simply the best caviar ...worth every penny!"

Did you know? Legend has it that Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar has remarkable healing powers and stamina-inducing properties which have, at least partially, been confirmed by modern science! 

Caviar Fish & Grade

Osetra, Grade 1, Imperial Golden


Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

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