Royale Caviar Server

We have a choice of 3 beautiful caviar servers depending on your personal taste and budget..

Our popular Royale Caviar Server includes a glass caviar serving bowl which holds up to approx 4.5oz/125g of your favorite caviar. This service also includes a complimentary mother of pearl caviar spoon to further enhance your caviar dining experience.

In case the compact Royale Caviar Server is not what you're looking for today, please take a look at the silver-plated Silver Caviar Server Set which is a truly elegant choice especially if you're partial to a shot of chilled Russian vodka with your favorite caviar!

Buy caviar server now..

Order your caviar today: whilst you're here, why not take a look at our delightful range of gourmet caviars? I am confident we will have the perfect caviar for you whatever your palate or budget. 

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