American Paddlefish Caviar

American Paddlefish Caviar is a top grade genuine caviar harvested from the American Paddlefish  ( also known as the Spoonbill) a freshwater sturgeon that resembles the Russian Sevruga Sturgeon. The eggs are extracted by a method known as the "Astrakhan process" which uses traditional Russian guidelines and techniques.

The American Paddlefish Caviar is often considered a great first-timer's caviar with its winning combination of bold earthy flavors and a smooth buttery finish. The eggs are a similar size to Sevruga Caviar but are blessed with a softer texture, different from the characteristic 'pop' of the Sevruga.

The American Paddlefish Caviar is a top recommendation for would-be caviar connoisseurs who are looking for a great tasting caviar that is easy on the wallet!

Taste & Texture

Smooth, buttery, aromatic and savory with a delicious tang of the sea


Small dark to light gray pearly grains

Caviar Fish & Grade

Paddlefish, Grade 1

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