Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar

Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar - 25% off til Labour Day - 1oz only $128

If you are a true caviar connoisseur then this delightful Sevruga Caviar is bound to excite your palate. Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar (Acipenser Stellatus) is a select Sevruga Caviar which is a preferred choice for those seeking excellence on the dinner table. Whilst the Sevruga is noticeably smaller than the Osetra or Beluga Sturgeon, it is admired for its intensely rich and buttery flavor and along with a smooth and subtle after-taste. Within its delicate and glossy pearly grains you'll discover the hidden delights of their the pale grey juicy contents - deliciousness on your tongue!

Taste & Texture

Smooth and buttery upfront, long subtle aftertaste


Small light-gray pearly grains

Caviar Fish & Grade

Sevruga, Grade 1


Acipenser Stellatus

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