Kaluga Fusion Amber Caviar

Kaluga Fusion Caviar 

If you were a fan of Beluga Caviar then you are going to love Kaluga Fusion Amber Caviar, We're super excited to have back in stock one of our personal favorite caviars.

We blind taste tested the Kaluga with a number of friends and caviar connoisseurs and they went with the Kaluga Fusion Caviar every time. With Caspian professionals this caviar was produced to the highest taste and texture profile with the perfect salting. Perfection achieved!

This Kaluga Fusion Caviar has a taste profile comparable to Wild Russian Caviar.

Taste & Texture

Mild and buttery with a full aftertaste


Large pearly dark gray grains

Caviar Fish & Grade

Kaluga, Grade 1, 00


Huso Daruricus

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